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emily loyd and the head of department of environmental protection of new york city and appointed by mayor bloomberg to head this agency in 05. the department is responsible for imagining new york cities waist water and treatment, drinking supply, handling hazard materials and emergency x toxicities and removal of those and enforcing cities air and noise codes. they also have substantial responsibility outside of new york city managering 2 thousand square miles of the hudson valley. prior to heading up this agency commissioner loyd served as executive vice president for public affairs at colombia university and was in the administration for ten years and commissioner for sanitation under mayor, jenkins and was ma developer at port an authority and commissioner for traffic and parking for the city of boston. emily, thank you so much. we are so glad to have your energy, your smarts to lead us to this tough topic this morning. thank you. [applause] >> thank you, susan. well, as the only - at least self identifying water system manager from the east coast, i had originally planned br
the east coast. rain. and some wind. making a mess. this morning in new york city, it was monsoon-like rain. the midland issues has tornado watches and warnings. especially in virginia. across the border in north carolina, they took, look at flooding there. this is wilmington near the coast. and southeast corner of the state. and folks can expect this all over the place. our chief meteorologist is in the weather center. it looks like it moved west. >>reporter: most of the moisture is to the west of new york city and areas to the south. but you are seeing the pictures of wilmington with rainfall since sunday, over 20" in a matter of five days. that is causing big problems. and it is still raining. the new area of low pressure is building. that will funnel the moisture. the reason the moisture is dense is because of moisture from nicole with tornado watch in pennsylvania, delaware and all this rain that is heavy, a lot of leaves on the trees and we will see those knocked off. some of the leaves have changed and that will cause big time flooding. the totals just since yesterday, again, in wilm
by participating in a service ev t event. the esident in new york city -- i'm sorry, the president here in washington and the bidens in new york city, alex. >> mike viqueira at the white house, thanks so much. >>> let's take a look at the full schedule of events today. at 8:40 eastern the ceremony in new york will begin with vice president d his wife jill. they'll be in attendance. at 9:30 eastern, present obama will attend the ceremony at the pentagon. also at 9:30, first lady michelle obama and f former fir lady laura bush will be present in shanksville, pennsylvania to honor those heroic passengers and crew of united airlines flight 93. then at 7:11 eastern time tonight that tribute will begin with twin beams of light shooting up from the footprints where the world trade center stood. be sure to stay with msnbc this morning for our special coverage with 9/11 as it happened. we'll take a look back beginning at 8:53 eastern when nine years ago today news first came in of the first world trade center attack. >>> this morning, the site of the deadly gas explosion in northern california l
system and in just minutes new york city mayor michael bloomberg joins tom brokaw on the plaza in rockefeller plaza to discuss the state of the education system. stay tuned for live coverage of that. >> the president hopes a plane for new mexico to visit four states in four days. part business, part politics and includes a big rally on a college campus designed to recapture some of the 2008 obama campaign magic. cnbc's chief washington correspondent john harwood joins us now. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, savannah. >> what do we expect? i understand it's a big college rally in wisconsin tomorrow and then just kind of a throwback to 2008, satellite watching . . . . >> it was interesting how he went about attacking it and separate out rank and file republicans and independents. >> reporter: there's no question, he's looking for some of those soft independents who might be leaning republican right now and wants them to know, hey, i want to talk to you. it's the leadership blocking me from making progress on some of the problems and they're the ones that i have got the f
two, the new york city mayor bloomburg putting the counterterrorism plan into place today flipping the switch on hundreds of security cameras. the critics warn we are a surveillance state. if box three, this is the man on trial for killing his wife would claims caffeine made him do it. the caffeine defense. ahead unless breaking news changes everything. first, at 3:00 in new york city, america's long financial recession is over. and has been for more than a year. of course, try telling that to millions who work or are out of work and looking for a job. according to the national bureau of economic research it lasted 18 months from december of 2007 to june of 2009. that makes it the longest recession since the great depression. the committee is concerned with the future financial trouble. esident obama echoed the concerns. listen. you've got, now, eight consecutive months of private sector job growth, businesses can borrow, they are investing and making profits. that's the good news. the challenge is, the hole was so deep that a lot of people are still hurting and probably folks in t
to you. still waking up there, i'm erica hill. good to have you with us. fog not guilty new york city. >> and right there, too. i'm harry smith. good morning, everybody. breaking news this morning, you'll never guess who showed up in a prison in peru. it was beth hole way trying to vis visit joran van der sleuth, face to face for about five minutes. >> of course natalie hole way's mom who disappeared in rememberu. >>> also people in new york talking about this not only people in new york affected but really unusual in the city yesterday. huge storms rolled through around rush hour. hail, powerful winds, there was a huge thunderstorm. sideways rains and a possible tornado. dave price joins us this morning in queens in forest hills, new york where the storm hit hardest with the latest this morning. talk about destruction, dave. >> you know, typically when weather like this happens we head to a plane and to the south and midwest. but it is in our backyard. new york city, where we are, we are in a park in queens, new york, just to give you an idea if you are not from this area, we are jus
american cities, including pittsburgh and new york. man: new york city went to philadelphia and said, "you know, we're thinking of developing a hudson river water supply -- what do you suggest we do?" and they said, "we've had "a lot of problems on the schuylkill. "don't go to the hudson river. go to the upland and work by gravity." and that's what new york city did. they first went to the hudson highlands, but 150 years later, it went to the delaware highlands. and really diverted the water that normally went to philadelphia to new york city. i don't think they anticipated that. narrator: the majority of new york city's drinking water comes from watersheds in upstate new york. a watershed is the area of land where water from rain or snow melt drains downhill into a body of water. mountains act as a funnel to feed rivers and lakes. and in this case, reservoirs. in the new york city system, water is collected and stored in 19 reservoirs, which can hold more than a year's supply -- over 580 billion gallons of water. almost all of the system is fed by gravity, without the use of energy-consum
waking up this. i i'm erica hill. foggy in new york city. >> i'm harry smith. good morning, everybody. breaking news this morning. you will never guess who showed up in a prison in peru. right? it was beth holloway trying to pay a visit to joran van der sloot and face to face for a couple minutes. >> natalee holloway's mom. >>> people here in new york talking about this and not just new york affected. some really unusual weather for the area in new york city yesterday. huge storms rolled through around rush hour. hail, powerful winds. there was a huge thunderstorm. sideways rain and a possible tornado. dave price joining us this morning in queens and forest hills, new york, where the storm hit the hardest with the latest this morning. talk about some destruction, dave. >> erica, you know, typically with this weather like this happens, we thohead in a plane southwest and new york city where we are in our backyard. this is queens, new york. if you are not from this area, a few miles from manhattan and a few miles from laguardia airport. and in this park, downed trees, debris everywhere.
at temperatures toward 90 degrees in new york city. scattered showers and storms continuing for you in southern sections of we look california forecast, mostly cloudy a high of 64 degrees. that's a look at your latest weather. lynn? >> all right, scott. thanks so much. >>> well, an executive comeback, a strong arm takeover bid, and money can buy you happiness up to a point. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, onetime haitian presidential hopeful wyclef jean strikes back at sean penn in a very undiplomatic manner. >>> also the magic continues for boise state. and forget about catching a ball. catching a letter is a new souvenir at the ballpark. you're watching "early today." angeles los angeles los angelba" i'm lynn berry, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. a new "washington post" abc news poll shows republicans making gains against democrats in the final weeks before the midterm elections. 47% of voters surveyed said they would back the republican candidate in their congressional district if elections were held today compared to 45%
>>> blown away. a violent storm wreaks havoc as it sweeps through new york city. >>> hopes. a washington state woman admits her wounds in an acid attack were self-inflicted. >>> and the former alaskan governor heads to iowa today in what may be a first step towards the white house. this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, september 17th, this is the "cbs morning news" for friday, september 17th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs >>> good morning on this friday. good to see you. i'm terrell brown in for betty nguyen. in new york folks are preparing for a rough commute. at least one person was killed, commuter trains were knocked out and roads were blocked by downed trees. hurricane-force winds were recorded and today the national weather service will determine if a tornado touched down. packing winds near 100 miles per hour, the storm sliced through the city in just minutes. tearing trees from the ground, ripping bricks from buildings, and knocking out power to tens of thousands. >> my used-to-be car is now a convertible. i've seen bad winds. this, they said there was a torna
's remembrances take place against a highly-political backdrop. pastor terry jones arrived in new york city late last night. he is hoping to meet with the imam behind the cultural at ground zero. there's protests raising questions whether the damage has been done anyway. >>> we begin at ground zero. for months, it has been a site of protest over the proposed mosque. today is no exception. but there will also be memorials. john berman is there live. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. it's a beautiful morning here in new york, just as it was nine years ago, as many people remember. there will be the solemn ceremonies. but also today, also controversy. the dueling demonstrations. for the proposed islamic center and for the arrival of that pastor from florida. >> you had a lot to say before. >> reporter: not a lot of words from pastor terry jones, as he arrived in new york city late last night, after a week of a circus atmosphere in gainesville, florida, where jones staged his on again/now off again threat to burn the koran. >> there will be no koran burning tomorrow. do we have
. this is a special edition of "the fox report" live from downtown new york city. the news starts now. >> the fire has burned 15 acres in the city of san bruno. >> dozens of homes are destroyed. >> all the firefighters right away, i knew it was a major, major thing. >> this is [inaudible] >> apocalypse right here. >> shepard: tonight, inside the deadly california inferno. [sirens] >> shepard: nearly nine years after the attacks of 9/11, fresh questions about our vulnerability. >> we almost certainly had successful terror attacks on u.s. soil and we need to come to grips with that. >> shepard: tonight, a blunt new look at our national security. plus -- >> somebody said an ied off on me. >> shepard: the bomb took her leg but not her will to fight. >> i wasn't supposed to leave like that. >> shepard: tonight, one brave young soldier visits ground zero and explains why she wants to go back to war. and good evening from liberty state park in jersey city, new jersey on new york harbor just across the hudson river from lower manhattan. nine years ago tonight you would have seen the twin towers behind me. nin
:30 a.m. here at 30 rock in new york city. we begin with a big development in the fight to reform the nation's public schools. "the new york times" reporting this morning that facebook founder and chief executive mark zuckerberg will donate $100 million to the troubled public school system in newark, new jersey. according to "the times" he will announce the gift on "the oprah winfrey show" tomorrow. with new jersey governor chris christie and cory booker, mayor, the spokespeople for oprah and facebook have not yet confirmed "the times'" report. newark have among the lowest test scores and graduation rates. the $100 million donation would be one-eighth of newark's entire annual operating budget of $8900 million for its schools. his fortune has been estimated at least at $2 billion. again, mark zuckerberg according to "the new york times" ready to give 100 million bucks s ts tok and announce it tomorrow on "oprah." >>> today marks six months since the passage of health care meaning the law's key components go in effect and insurers will no longer be able to impose a lifetime spendi
to hear about cheeseburgers. >> this is our fourth tornado in the new york city area in about three months time. >> no, we're not in kansas any more. what's goin' on in new york city? . >>> and monkey business in southern california. a 30-pound inflatable beast goes missing. wait until you see where it ended up. >>> the sunshine goes missing this weekend. we've got the first rain of the season in the forecast. we'll pinpoint the day you should expect it as "eyewitness news" continues right here on cbs5. ,,,, ,,,, [ female announcer ] at the jcpenney appreciation sale we're showing our appreciation with extra savings this friday and saturday. save an extra 15% on all regular, sale, and clearance items. everything! no exclusions! save an extra 15% on all brands for her. ...and all brands for him. save an extra 15% on all brands for baby. ...and everything for home. and if you use your jcpenney card, it's not an extra 15%, it's an extra 20% off. get in extra early at 9am saturday. go to to see everything on sale. who knew shopping could be so rewarding? jcpenney. s♪1 th 0 2/3 45 [ m
in new york city late last night, hoping to meet with the imam behind that planned cultural center near ground zero. >>> meanwhile, in afghanistan, there's angry street protests over the proposed koran burning. even though it didn't happen. our martha raddatz is in afghanistan. we'll go live to her in a minute. >>> we begin at ground zero. for months, it's been the site of protest over the proposed mosque. today is no exception. but there will also be memorials taking place. john berman is there live. good morning, john. >> reporter: good morning, bianna. it is such a beautiful morning here in new york city, just like it was nine years ago. the soceremonies to commemorate events are going on. but also controversy. the proposed islamic center near ground zero. and, of course, the pastor from florida, here in new york city. >> you had a lot to say before. >> maybe that's why i'm up. >> reporter: not a lot of words from pastor terry jones, as he arrived in new york city late last night, after a week of a circus atmosphere in gainesville, florida, where jones staged his on again/now off aga
. definitely cooler, cooler in new york city who by the way got hit by pretty big thunderstorms last night and down in the southeast, continuing very hot. so you didn't see the harvest moon but i'm sure you saw the flashes of lightning in new york city last night, pretty impressive storms. >> if i did see the moon i would have been stuffing my fave with that moon cake. thanks >>> bullish on bonds. grabbing up gold and who is tops when it comes to the richest americans. piers first at business headlines straight ahead >>> twins are ready for the playoffs. three swings, three home runs for lopez and one of the best double plays you'll ever see. you're watching "first look" on nbc. when i was seventeen, i was not good to my skin. what i wouldn't do for a do-over. [ female announcer ] neutrogena® clinical skincare helps restore collagen depleted skin to undo the look of a year's worth of skin aging in just 4 weeks. clinical skincare. neutrogena®. [ dog barking ] [ sniffing ] [ male announcer ] missing something? like 2 pairs of glasses for $99.99 at sears optical, with bifocal lenses for jus
francisco wants to allow or not allow regardless of cost. as was mentioned, new york city in 1999 and torture by moving completely. i spoke with a fire inspector last week in new york city and he asked them about that ordinance and he remembered the fire, brought back to the city council on behalf of the fire marshal, who said that this would be a good idea for york city with his preponderant of wood frame buildings. the concerns of increased costs in addition to the effect on small roofers, they will adjust in 11 years. new york city has infinitely more construction than seven sisters and a density that is on par. as a constituent here, seeing the apart -- department's response and the fire department's lack of response, we went for this legislation two years ago. they know it is a consistent issue. to date if you have concerns regarding the band, personally i have yet to see anyone with a vested interest in terms of a written policy or any part of the fire department to proactively address this issue. and it is an issue. seven to 10 fires each year but there is no change in the
.c., baltimore and philadelphia. and now the rain is beginning on long island and new york city. it's going to be a very rough morning commute all along i-95. the winds will be picking up during the day today but the heaviest rain looks to be from d.c. to baltimore to philly and eastern portions of pennsylvania are going to see a lot of rain. our computers are estimating anywhere between three to five inches of rain in this area with the bull's eye somewhere near i-95. your forecast today, veronica, middle of the country fantastic. wherever we are on the east coast this is probably one of the worst weather days in a long time. >> excellent, bill. thanks for that. you're going to need an umbrella and then some i guess. >>> oil climbs. scary foreclosure numbers. and mcdonald's threatens benefits. the "first look" at business straight ahead. >>> a first for david ortiz. one of the craziest endings you'll see. ready to try something new? campbell's has made changes. adding lower sodium sea salt to more soups. plus five dollars in coupons to get you started. campbell's condensed soup. pass it on
jim callstrom in new york city during the world trade center bombing and the twa explosion which, of course, turned out not to be terror. >> andrea, is the state department taking this claim of responsibility from the democratic front for the liberation of palestine seriously? are they giving any credence to that, or are they dismissing it? or how do they feel about who ght have been responsible for this? >> i think it is far too early for them, even the best expts in the government, to figure this out. they have one instant reaction, as you know, and it can be wrong. but their immediate reaction in a case like this would be to look toward osama bin laden and the collateral groups connected to him simply because he has proved, with the embassy bombings in africa, that he is the one terror leader who is capable of this kind of highly coordinated attack. the bombings went off in tanzania and in kenya almost simultaneously. it was extraordinarily well coordinated. they proved their case to a jury effectively and have managed to develop a great deal of information from sources, some
hit new york city. one person was killed, trees uprooted and cars damaged by the brief, but scary storm that swept through. 25,000 people were without power after the storm tore through the boroughs carrying up to winds around 70 miles per hour. >> i thought it was the end of the world. i had my life alert on me. i was gonna press that. i thought maybe i was gonna die. >> i was here to give a speech. nothing i can do to fix his car but thank goodness i don't have to visit him in a hospital. >> new york fire officials confirmed at least one person was killed when a tree fell on top of his car. >>> it's 6:14. footnote to that story, new york city has been hit by eight tornadoes since 1960. it's rare but it does happen occasionally. weather service will determine whether that was the case. they look for twisting in terms of damage and actual debris spread across the region. today we're watching the tropics now. two systems that dominated the headlines long beginning to weaken. julia barely hanging on at 75 mile-per-hour winds. it almost looks lack a satellite compared to this planet
, engaged to be married to shane bauer. >>> breaking news in new york city. live pictures of a big fire burning near the metro north 138th street lift bridge in east harlem. a bridge at parkton avenue and east won 32nd streets carries all four tracks in and out of manhattan. this has halted service out of grand central station. a lot of delays because of that. >>> meanwhile, coming uup, police and businesses are trying to, with the plan after a rash of robberies. society onlyke an socie consider that to be beautiful. >> the daughter of powerful couple, we have for interview coming up. >>> and the official start of autumn. it l hi! welcome to come on in, and i'll give you a free quote. quote and compare in about 8 minutes. now, that's progressive. call or click today. >>> more on the breaking news in new york city. this is a live image from east harlem, where a big fire is burning on a bridge. the metro north train in new york city is what it carries. the fire has closed grand central station. >>> if rs are on a shooting range is sending thousands of people running from
new york city on thursday included two tornadoes, a very rare occurrence as we hear now from tony guida. >> reporter: to their notoriously colorful vocabulary, new yorkers have two new entries-- tornadoes and nak row bursts. >> oh, my god! >> it was very, very frightening. >> this is a tornado. >> reporter: two tornadoes roared through nine minutes apart in the rush hour thursday evening. they packed winds up to 100 miles per hour, toppling trees, smashing windows, lifting the roofs off houses and stores. >> it seems like 30 seconds, and i came downstairs to check, and this whole street was totally destroyed. >> reporter: one minute this street was clear. in an eyeblink it was engulfed by wind and rain. >> it came right through portions of new york city, not manhattan, but right across staten island, into brooklyn, into queens. >> reporter: the tornadoes claimed thousands of trees, tossing them around like kindling, smashing them to the ground as the storms roared northeastward through the city's outer observers. it was more than 38 hours another that the powerful storm knocked th
. temperatures warming as we move into parts of the northeast and new england. today, new york city, 87 degrees for your high temperature. that's a look at the national maps. here's a look at the weather happening closer to where you live. temperatures in philadelphia warming up to nearly 90 degrees. tampa, florida, 91 for you. in chicago, about 84 degrees. still dealing with the clouds. mostly cloudy around memphis. highs for you today on this tuesday of 91 degrees. and that's a look at your regional forecast. lynn? >> all right, scott. thanks so much. >>> well, an executive comeback, a strongarm takeover bid, and money can buy you happiness up to a point. your early morning business headlines are straight ahead. >>> plus, onetime haitian presidential hopeful wyclef johns strikes back at sean penn in a very undip ploe mattic manner. >>> forgetter catching a ball. catching a letter is a new souvenir at the ballpark. you're watching "early today." >>> good morning, and welcome back to "early today." i'm lynn berry, and here are some of your top headlines this morning. a new "washington post" abc
0 inn new york city, fox newss >> there was a different kind >>reporter: this morning dozens gathered outside the county's police and ffre headquarters in millersville, whereetto steel fweems from the world trade center building are part of a 9/11 memorial. >> i thinkkthis will serve as a reminder to all that we owe a debt to these police and firefighters every day. we owe them an eternal debt of gratitude. >> especially to hose who gave the ultimate sacrifice. >> i knew seven of the firefighters in new york city personally that perished in the >>reporter: fbi special agent richard was assigned to the >> (aaplause). % >>reporter: as for tte memorial, this is only phase one. the plan is to later add benches aad plaques honoringg those who died. p> ttwilllbe a living memorial that peeple can hopefully enjoy and serve as a reminder for many years to come. >>reporter: myranda stephens, fox 45 news at 10:00. phase two of that memorial ve complete by this time next year. >>> there were many events in >> thanks for coming out here today. this is the second largess crowd we've
in washington d.c. and then drove to new york city. >> i applaud the humanity that set sarah free. and i cry encore, encore. it's time for shane and josh to come home too. >> reporter: shourd and her mother were joined by cindy hickey and laura fattal, the mothers of the men still imprisoned. >> did either of your sons send a message for you through sarah? >> a little bit of the message that i have heard so far is, i love all my family. and we appreciate everything are you doing. >> reporter: bauer and fattal's mothers have requested a peting with iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad who arrived in new york today to attend a u.n. general a sellably. he described shaurd's release as a humanitarian gesture and asked the u.s. to do the same to the eight iranians he says america is holding. >> the u.s. government should make a humanitarian gesture to release the iranians who are illegally arrested and detained here in the united states. >> reporter: shourd did not describe the conditions during her months in prison and though she was apparently released for medical reasons, she says she has bee
-president joya biden will travel to ground zero in new york city -- vice-president joe biden will travel to ground zero in new york city. the first lady will travel to pennsylvania to commemorate the crash of flight 93. it two americans died after a gunman wearing an iraqi uniforms opened fire. nine other soldiers were wounded. the soldiers were part of a meeting of iraqi troops in northern iraq. it is the first attack since last week when president obama @ declerck the u.s. combat mission over. -- when president obama declared at the u.s. combat mission over. >> the white house says taxing capital investments could save business $2 billion over two years. the republicans fired back saying he should be focused on spending cuts. the "washington post" abc news poll shows 52% of americans disapprove of president obama's overall performance. 57% disapprove of the way he is handling the economy. chicago mayor richard daley has presided over the nation's third largest city for the last 21 years. tonight he said, it that it. he will not run for a -- another term. he is 68 and has been thinking
was calling on a burn for korans today, is now in new york city. he's planned to meet with the imam who is in charge of the islamic cultural center near ground zero. and there's been angry street protests, over the koran burning. raising the question if the damage has been done anyway. our martha raddatz is over in afghanistan this morning. we're going to go to her in a moment. >>> we begin at ground zero. for months, it's been the site of protests over the proposed mosque. and today will be no exception. but there will also be memorials. john berman is there. good morning, john. >> reporter: it's a beautiful morning here in new york, just as it was nine years ago, as many people remember. there will be the solemn ceremonies. but also today, also controversy. the dueling demonstrations. and now, the arrival of that pastor from florida. >> you had a lot to say before. >> reporter: not a lot of words from pastor terry jones, as he arrived in new york city late last night, after a week of a circus atmosphere in gainesville, florida, where jones staged his on again/off again threat to burn
are still here. those lights seen throughout the new york city area disappear. bill? >> it's a remarkable sight, too. especially on a clear day as we expect throughout the day here. eric shawn is down at ground zero. to the vie rs at home, you can see the cranes behind m. later t we'll get back to eric and let you know there issulia progress. substantial progress to advance the construction site. and the memorials in lower manhattan. back to eric later. >> that what fls different about today. you see that progress, you see the movement of what is built there. for the memories come flooding back as you look to voices of the family members at ground zero this morning. we all remember that day and watching it all unfold. wman, as we remember, who had the task of telling president bush that america was under attack. >> page 153. >> you cannot forget those moments. >> cameras were rolling in the classroom. the predent was in florida visiting students. they were talking about reading. the white house chief of staff andy card as you saw ahe moment ago approached president bush as he was in the
demand. new york is the most densely populated city in the u.s. and over 40 million tourists visit the city every year. the 1.3 billion gallons of water required every day are delivered by a system of extraordinary scale and complex engineering. man: water is essential to the economic viability of new york city. reliable infrastructure and reliable delivery of water is a must. you have to reinvest in the infrastructure every single minute to keep it current. hurwitz: we have the stock exchange, we have the united nations -- failure can have a dramatic impact on the nation, and even internationally. so there's a really keen awareness that you always have to be fixing the system. things corrode, they rust. they get to where you turn them on and nothing happens. but it is so totally used in every nook and cranny, that making any accommodation to shut it down, to do something to it, is very difficult. narrator: two massive underground tunnels, called simply tunnel 1 and tunnel 2, provide most of the city's water supply. they run hundreds of feet below manhattan, far deeper than the sub
franzen is live in new york city. good saturday morning to you. let's get a scene setter this morning. what's it like? >> reporter: certainly families are beginning to gather at zuccotti park, adjacent park near ground zero, much of a construction site and has been in the previous years and remains so. we can give you an overview of that shot this morning, but certainly as you mentioned, emotions surrounding the 9/11 anniversary are certainly always heightened. but with the political and religious coddntroversies, it's only adding to the tensions. still, the nation is taking time toause and remember the lives lost on that day. despite a heated debate over a proposed mosque and controversial islamic center near ground zero and plans of one pastor to burn copies of the koran today, nine years after terrorists struck, the focus returns to remembering the victims. ceremonies in new york, virginia and pennsylvania pay tribute to the 2,752 victims killed when terrorists hijacked four commercial planes and attacked the u.s. in lower manhattan, 9/11 families gather at zuccotti park, adjacent
and sliding down the emergency chute will be in a new york city courtroom today. steven slater faces several charges in connection with the incident. he left the airline and last week. >>> the president is said to reveal another new proposal to help the economy. this one will benefit businesses and corporations with tax breaks. but a new poll released overnight shows what a challenge democrats are facing heading into the midterm elections. emily schmidt has more. >> president obama has a new economic plan. >> i think yes we can is more inspiring. >> a new poll finds more people saying that he has not. 50% of voters disapprove of the way he's handling his job overall and that he's made the economy worse -- 33% feel the president has made the economy's course. >> i have tried to turn this economy around. >> $50 billion is his first project ahead. and he will propose a tax write- off for new investments for businesses. republican leader john boehner is as we do not need for governments stimulus spending, we need to end washington democrat of control spending. >> there is nothing the president
tore through new york city. >> national weather service still hasn't confirmed if it was a tornado that touched down. but they're going to find out today for sure. a lot of residents say we don't need any confirmation. we know what we saw. >> reporter: it seemed to hit out of nowhere. >> you can see the rain coming down in sheets now. >> reporter: a fast-moving, ferocious storm exploded over new york city and the surrounding area just as people were headed home in the afternoon rush. commuters became storm chasers. and in a matter of minutes, sheets of rain, dark black clouds, 80-mile-an-hour winds. powerful enough to rip the brick off of store fronts. and for block after block, from brooklyn to queens, trees came down crushing cars, blocking roads, ripping down power lines. one woman was killed when a tree came down on her car after she pulled over on the highway. >> the only thing that's important is that people are safe. we can always get power back, the trees will regrow, but if you lose a life, you never get that back. >> reporter: severe weather also slammed parts of the midw
have gathered at ground zero in new york city and today marks nine years since the september 11 attacks on new york, washington, and pennsylvania and in what has become an annual tradition the names of those who looths their lives in the attacks were read aloud at today's service in lower manhattan. >> my brother fdny battalion chief joseph palmer, we will never forget your bravery and ousacrifice. we love you and miss you always. >> nbc's michelle franzen is live at ground zero in new york. michelle, with a good afternoon to you, it is an extremely emotional day for so many people. i'd love to hear more about that ceremony at ground zero. >> reporter: it is. certainly we've watched throughout the years, alex, as family members and first responders, survivors, have come to this place, ground zero, to pay their respects, to remember exactly what happened during that time and also to honor the lives that were lost during that time and the emotions are still very raw and the p ain very evident even nine years later. >> my father, firefighter robera james crawford, safety battalion one,e mi
, a skyline that was forever changed some nine years ago today. we'll be taking you live to new york city throughout the morning, in new york city atca ground zero specifically is where family members of those killed on this day nine years ago will srt gathering in just a bit, in about an hour fro now, for a mem moe mmorial serv. and also shanksville, two other places where people were killed on this day some nine years ago. hello to you all. i'm t.j. holmes. we will, of course, be looking back on what happened nine years ago today, but we'll also be looking forward. we'lcheck inor m with the memors at ground zero toee about the progress there a also we'll see about the process and the progress, that many family members have possibly made some nine years after at tragedy on 9/11. like we mentioned, in new york, ceremonys will be heldn a park adjacent to the world trade center site. this is a run down of happening today. we will be covering most ofhis for you live. a prograin new york at least specifically begins at 8:40 eastern time. six minutes later, a moment of silence is going to be o
of cleanup across new york city, after getting hit by a storm that brought torrential rain and winds of up to 100 miles per hour. >> this is what it looked like in brooklyn, as it tore off roofs and knocked down countless trees. >> it swept across the entire new york region with little warning. whipping up high winds, flooding and hail. emily schmidt shows us the spots that were hardest hit. >> reporter: just as rush hour hit new york city thursday afternoon, so did a fierce, fast-moving storm. >> i thought it was the end of the world. >> reporter: tornado warnings went out around 5:30. at least 30,000 people lost power, as lightning filled the skies. >> all the doors in my house flew open. the air conditioning in my room crashed in. the windows crashed in. >> reporter: terrifying for people at home. trouble for commuters trying to get home. >> back up. back up. back up. >> reporter: new york's busy penn station closed because it was so packed with people after winds knocked down trees and power lines on train tracks. drivers didn't fair much better. >> i was just driving down the street.
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